AVS Factory alarm upgrade

Factory car alarm upgrade

Many cars today come with a basic factory fitted alarm system that only triggers when a door (and sometimes the bonnet or boot) is opened.

But with the addition of the AVS Factory alarm upgrade module the full AVS sensor range can be affordably added to improve the security of the vehicle, without having to replace the factory system.

Any AVS car alarm sensor can be added including:

  • Shock sensor – detects an impact to the body of the vehicle
  • Glass break sensor – detects the sound frequency of breaking glass
  • Digital tilt sensor – triggers the alarm if the car is tilted in ANY direction from one degree
  • Ultrasonic sensor – detects movement within the cabin of the car for superior cabin protection
  • Microwave sensor – ideal for convertibles
  • PIR sensor – use to protect the rear of vans and trucks
  • Reed switch – use to protect ute canopies

How to tell if your car has a factory alarm

If you are not sure whether if your car has a factory alarm or just central locking from the factory remote, these instructions may help.

If your car has a factory alarm system it will trigger (it will make a noise, such as the horn sounding) if a door (and sometimes the bonnet or boot) is opened. Usually this can be tested by opening a window and locking the car with the factory remote. Wait for a minute then unlock the car manually from inside and open the door. The alarm should sound. If it does the Factory alarm upgrade module can be installed to add your choice of sensors.

If there is no sound it is likely your car only has a factory remote which lock/unlocks the doors. But no worries! The great thing with AVS is you can install a normal AVS certified car alarm (AVS S-Series or AVS A-Series ranges) and then operate it from your factory remote key.

If you’re still not sure please ask your local AVS installer or give us a call on 0800 438 862 or 09 476 8052.

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