About Us

AVS Car Security is an independent car security brand run by a small and dedicated car mad team based in Auckland. We enjoy the support of a nationwide network of installers and retailers, many of who have been with us for 20 years.

Information on our products and services can be found through our website avscarsecurity.com and avsgpstracking.com. All AVS, AVS GPS Tracking and Freetrack products come with local warranties backed by us. We choose to source stock from around the world according to quality and value from proven manufacturers.

Staying at the forefront of developing vehicle technologies is a motivating force behind our company. This has led the development of not only our car security lines but also driven growth in GPS tracking and after market safety range products.

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The AVS, AVS GPS Tracking and Freetrack brands are part of Formula, a family run, proudly Kiwi owned and operated company that has been part of the automotive industry since the mid 1980’s.

AVS Car Security specialises in the design and build of customised security systems for vehicles or other assets – few other companies can offer the same level of experience with both vehicle technologies and security products.

A customised security system can include a mix of security devices tailored to work together or complement each other to maintain the security of your asset. We can source and supply a complete system, or work with existing suppliers or hardware that may already be in place. With an international product network we can source the right hardware and security components from within New Zealand or overseas. If you would like to know more about security system customisation please contact us by email or call 0800 438 862.