The AVS story

AVS historical imagesPeople often ask how the AVS brand came about … so here is the story.

AVS (Advanced Vehicle Security) was created at the end of the 1990’s by car obsessed 22-year old Kevin Mooney. He, along with the rest of his generation, loved the early turbo cars from Nissan, Toyota, Subaru etc that had just started coming in from Japan.

A few years previously Kevin had started Manta Electronics Ltd selling a European car alarm brand that he had discovered.

But he soon came to realise that what people wanted were good alarms at an affordable price that were designed for the types of cars everyone was buying.

And so Manta began to source alarms to deliver on that idea – a whole lot harder in the early days of the internet!

But sales soon began to take off and so a few years later our own brand AVS Car Security was launched with the first AVS branded car alarm.

The AVS story had begun.

Since then AVS has grown to become one of the top car security brands in New Zealand, with many re-sellers who have been with AVS right from the beginning.

Today AVS provides a complete car security solution with a comprehensive range of security systems, GPS tracking, and Safety range products sourced from all over the world.

AVS has a great network of alarm installers and service partners right across New Zealand.

Manta is still a Kiwi owned, family run business today with Kevin and a small but awesome team based in Auckland. To learn more about us today see our About Us page.