Give your alarm a check before the holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. So we recommend taking a few minutes to make sure your alarm is in good working order before setting off to enjoy time with family and friends.

1. Do your alarm remote batteries need changing?

With normal use, the batteries in your AVS car alarm remote will need to be changed every 18-24 months. If they are beginning to go flat the LED light in the remote (model dependent) will flash rather than light solid and/or you will need to get closer to the car for the remote to work. Change them now if have any doubts, or get a spare set to carry with you. You don’t want the remote to go flat while you are out on an isolated beach over summer. Remote batteries can be purchased online from us as well as many electrical retailers.

2. Do you have access to your spare remote?

All AVS car alarms originally came with two remotes. Make sure you know where your spare remote is and either take it with you (keep it safe) or make sure someone can get it to you if needed. And if you only have one remote you can buy a spare one from your AVS installer or online from us. And a word of warning – depending on your car alarm model you will need a working remote to code in a new one – so be prepared. Also see emergency disarm below.

3. Do you know your PIN code and how to disarm the alarm using emergency disarm?

It happens all the time over Christmas, car alarm remotes get broken, lost, or drowned, especially during New Years festivities! All AVS car alarms have a PIN code so you can disarm the alarm using your ignition key if the remotes are lost or broken. Depending on your alarm model this will likely be unique to your car alarm. Do you know what your PIN code is? Learn more here or talk to your  AVS installer.

4. Do you have your siren key?

Depending on your car alarm model you may have a battery back-up siren on your alarm. These sirens are designed to keep sounding if someone cuts power to it (in the event of a thief attempting to steal your car). If you car gets a flat battery, or you need to change the battery, these sirens will keep sounding. All battery back-up sirens are supplied with two siren keys that are uniquely numbered and allow you to turn off the siren sound. The key looks like a stubby half sized key, usually with a black plastic square shaped barrel. For more information refer to your owner’s manual or talk to your  AVS installer.

5. Check your alarm is functioning correctly

It’s a good idea to do a brief function check of your alarm every few months. A car is a hard working piece of equipment so with after market electronics you want to ensure nothing needs attending to. To do a basic check – arm the alarm, wait for the LED light to start flashing then try opening the driver’s door. The alarm should sound (you can disarm it by pushing the arm/disarm button). Repeat the process with each door, the bonnet and the boot. This indicates the switches are working and the alarm will trigger if a door is opened while the alarm is armed. Your AVS installer can give your car alarm a more extensive check.

6. Check out your local AVS installer

We recommend keeping the contact details of your AVS installer with you for future reference. Otherwise check out who is your local AVS installer and if they are open during the holidays.

Keep safe and Merry Christmas!