AVS Tracking FAQs

Below is a compilation of answers to some of the most common questions we receive from customers and potential customers about how AVS Tracking works. If your question is not answered here please get in contact, we’d be pleased to help.

Do you install nationwide?

Yes, AVS is based in Auckland but has a New Zealand wide installation and service network. Installation is available in all major centres and most towns.

Will potential thieves be able to see there is a GPS tracker in the car?

No, the AVS tracker is installed in such a way that the neither the tracker nor the antennas, are visible from the cabin of the car.

Does GPS tracking help my business in any ways over and above tracking our fleet?

GPS tracking does a lot more than just track your vehicles, it also helps improve systems which helps both you and your staff.

For example, being able to show exactly how long a vehicle was on site makes job sheet completion quicker and easier for staff and means any customer queries can be checked against the GPS data. This is particularly useful when queries arise from weeks or months previously.

In the same way sales staff being able to simply print off their call cycle from the GPS history, export to excel and then make notes against each customer helps speed internal process times and reduce admin time for everyone.

Live view can also be used by dispatch staff to get the closest vehicle to respond to a call out, or to be able to confirm how far away a staff member is from a meeting, all without needing to bother field staff to find out where they are at any given time.

I only have one or two staff members so I don’t see the point in GPS tracking?

GPS tracking can be even more important in small businesses because there are only a few of you trying to do everything needed to run the business, keep customers happy and money coming in. And that’s where the GPS data becomes so valuable!

Just as is the examples in the question above, GPS data allows you to instantly see where the other people in your business are, how far away they are, what direction they are travelling in and more. You’ll be able to see if they’re stuck in the previous meeting or in traffic, or if they’re about to turn into your road.

GPS data can be used for sales reports, time on site billing, customer query resolution, and even for calculating travel charges. And all with a click of a button. When time is so valuable GPS tracking can really make a difference to what you and your staff can get done in a day!

What does the monthly service fee include?

The monthly service fee is inclusive of everything needed to provide you with access to real time tracking as well as alerts and reporting including:

  • Unlimited access to www.avstracking.com
  • Full real time tracking
  • Unlimited report downloads
  • Vodafone data SIM, data and network access
  • Alert notifications online and to email or phone (text alerts included under our Fair Use Policy)
  • Online monitoring
  • Phone and email support
  • No activation fee

How do I pay the monthly service fee?

The monthly service fee is paid in advance of the month by Direct Debit, Visa or Mastercard.

Can I put the tracker/s on finance?

If you are a business customer we can offer business lease terms TAP. This includes the tracker hardware, installation and the monthly service fee and is usually on a 3-year lease term.

We do not offer finance terms for individuals, however we do accept Visa, Mastercard and Farmers Card.

How do I sign up for AVS Tracking?

You can sign up online in just a couple of minutes by filling in our online form: Sign up for AVS Tracking

Use this form whether you are purchasing directly from AVS or through one of our resellers. Either your reseller or AVS will be in touch to confirm the details of the installation once the form is received.

How do I add another tracker to my fleet with AVS Tracking?

You can easily add another tracker to your fleet by filling in this quick online form: Add more trackers

Use this form whether you are purchasing directly from AVS or through one of our resellers. Either your reseller or AVS will be in touch to confirm the details of the installation once the form is received. We will also confirm the changes to your monthly service fee with the addition of the extra tracker/s.

My car is off the road at the moment, what happens with my security system?

Devices powered by your vehicle (such as a car alarm or GPS tracker) will not work if the car battery is flat. It is important to understand that any car security system requires power to operate. While GPS trackers and most car alarms can run for a few days without power they will then cease to operate (although the alarm will keep the car immobilised if it is an AS/NZS certified alarm).

We strongly recommend the vehicle is driven regularly to help keep your security system in good working order.

If the car is off the road AVS recommend the use of a trickle charger (or maintenance charger) to keep your vehicle’s battery charged so the AVS tracker and alarm can continue to operate. They are available from Repco, Jaycar or AVS at a cost of around $60.

If you have an AVS tracker and your car is off the road, or without power, please notify us as well your insurance company. Your policy may be affected or your insurer may offer an alternative policy or conditions during this time.

Is there a fixed contract term for the service fee with AVS Tracking?

No, if you purchase the trackers outright there is no fixed contract term.

I want to cancel the tracking on some or all of my trackers, how do I do that?

The tracking service can be cancelled at any time for one or all of your trackers. Please give us a call on 0800 438 862 or 09 476 8052.

Please note that once once you cancel the service for a tracker the SIM card is cancelled and the tracker will no longer work. No further data will be recorded. Historical data will be deleted and cannot be reinstated. This applies even if you are cancelling only one of multiple trackers. If you cancel all your trackers your account will be closed and you will no longer be able to login. If you wish to use your tracker/s at a later date a reconnection fee will apply and a new data SIM card with associated installation costs will be required for each tracker. Please make sure you have exported any historical data you wish to keep prior to cancelling.

If you are paying the service fee by Direct Debit, Visa or MasterCard we will cancel any further payments as part of the cancellation process. If you pay by any other means you will need to cancel any further payments.

Can my staff have separate logins with different access levels?

Yes we can provide you additional logins with different access levels. For example dispatch staff could have access to view the live map but not be able to access reporting.

Can I view more than one vehicle at a time?

Yes if you have a fleet of vehicles you can choose to see the whole fleet, some of the fleet or a single vehicle on the live map at the same time. You can also select which vehicle/s you would like to view trip history for or run reports on.

How do I view where the vehicle has been?

There are two ways to view trip history with AVS Tracking:

  1. View on the live map with stop points and time spent at each stop (definable by vehicle and date/time range)
  2. Run an activity (trip) report (definable by vehicle and date/time range) which includes stop and start addresses and times as well as the total distance travelled between each stop.

What reporting can I access with AVS Tracking?

AVS Tracking offers a range of easy to use reports that can be viewed on screen or emailed to you in common file formats (including excel and PDFs).

In most cases we can also set up a customised report if you have parameters not included in this our standard reports. Learn more about reports here: AVS Tracking Reporting

Can reports be emailed to me?

Yes you can email reports in common file formats including pdf, csv or html directly from AVS Tracking. You can email to yourself, other users on your account, or any other email address.

We can also set up reports to be emailed to any email address at set times (such as receiving an activity or trip report for the previous week for each sales rep on Monday morning).