Benefits of AVS GPS Tracking

The flexible and useful AVS GPS Tracking system allows you to monitor key performance indicators and improve efficiency across your business.

Whether you are monitoring one asset or a fleet the following common benefits are put together from feedback we receive from AVS GPS clients.

Control and reduce costs

  • Reduce fuel consumption and better customer service through improved route efficiency
  • Increase deliveries or customer visits through proactive (not reactive) route management
  • Monitor after hours or unauthorised use of company vehicles
  • This is the area where clients report an almost instant ROI from using AVS GPS Tracking.

Improve productivity

  • Easy management of staff timesheets and activity
  • Verification of sales visit reports and time sheets
  • Automation of manual processes such as vehicle log keeping
  • Improve customer service with faster response times and accurate information
  • Maximise the productivity and accountability of staff.

Improve billing

  • Accurate billing of on site work time for an improved bottom line
  • Custom data analysis is quick and straight forward – import report data to be manipulated in your spreadsheets
  • Fair resolution of customer and internal queries
  • Verify deliveries or time on site to smoothly resolve customer disputes and improve staff management.

Better security for vehicles and staff

Improving the security of your vehicles and staff with AVS GPS Tracking means you will have peace of mind about what is happening in your business on a day-to-day basis.

  • Peace of mind about what is happening in your business on a day-to-day basis
  • Use alerts as a way of greatly enhancing the security of your asset
  • Be alerted if something happens so you can respond quickly
  • Monitor use of the vehicle¬†such as over speed or geo-fence monitoring
  • Integrate GPS tracking with alarms and panic switches as a full security system.