AVS Freetrack GPS tracking from AVS Car Security

Freetrack is the new GPS tracking solution from AVS Car Security.

Affordable GPS hardware. No subscription fee. No contract term.

Everything is managed from the easy to use Freetrack app.

There is no limit to the number of trackers you can have on your account plus with different hardware options you can track vehicles or assets for minimal cost.

Freetrack offers many great features including alarm activation and geofence alerts. Alert settings are customisable via push notification, SMS and for some (such as alarm activation) by phone call.

Freetrack is a versatile and affordable GPS tracking solution that will appeal to both personal use and business customers.

Features include:

  • Full real time GPS tracking with no subscription fee or contract term
  • Simply supply your own SIM card
  • Supports multiple trackers – add as many trackers as you want on the one account
  • Everything is managed from the easy to use Freetrack app for IOS or Android (free to download and use)
  • Playback up to 6 months history
  • Uses Google maps with Google maps functionality
  • Alerts include:
    Car alarm activation (SOS)
    – Geo-fence in and/or out
    – Overspeed
    – Tamper/power disconnect
    – Low tracker battery
    – Engine or ignition on/off
  • Customisable alert settings including SMS or push notification options (plus phone call for some alerts like alarm activation)
  • Low ongoing cost
  • Optional speed controlled fuel kill immobilisation for vehicles
  • 3G hardware options for vehicles and other assets

Freetrack is great as:

  • A security device – paired with an AVS (or other brand alarm) and receive car alarm activation (SOS) alert via SMS, phone call and push notification (alert settings are customisable)
  • A cost effective GPS tracking solution for company vehicles – app based trip reporting along with alerts such as geo-fence, overspeed and tamper

How to buy:

  • Purchase the hardware and installation direct from your local AVS reseller – price guide $299 inc GST for the vehicle tracker hardware + $150 inc GST for a standard installation (learn more about the hardware options from the Freetrack GPS trackers page)
  • Provide a standard activated SIM card with SMS and calls enabled (if you want SMS and phone call alerts) – learn more on our Q&A page
  • Installation available nationwide

Download the Freetrack brochure:

Download the Freetrack Flyer here.

Download the Freetrack app:

It’s easy and quick to set up a Freetrack GPS tracking account.

Simply download the IOS or Android app (it’s free to download and use) the tap through each screen and use your email address to set up your account.

Your installer can then pair the tracker to your Freetrack account once the tracker has been installed.

Apple Store - Freetrack app
Scan to download the Freetrack app for IOS or go to the Apple App Store and search for: FREETRACKGPSTRACKING (no spaces) or type in this url:
Google Play - Freetrack app
Scan to download the Freetrack app for Android or go to the Google Play Store and search for:
Or type in this url:

Example screenshots from the Freetrack app:

Example Freetrack GPS Tracking App Screenshots

For more information about Freetrack please contact us.

Compare GPS Tracking Solutions

Feature Comparison

Features AVS GPS Tracking Freetrack
All inclusive low monthly service fee of $25 (inc GST per connection) includes tracker data, alerts and access
Managed and supported by AVS in New Zealand with online sign up and customisable features to suit your requirements
No subscription fee - simply supply and maintain your own SIM card
An over the counter solution
No contract term
Access from desktop computer (adapts to view on any internet connected device)
Access via app on a mobile device
Unlimited trackers on one account
View the current location of all the trackers on the map at the same time
Mixed use assets on one account (vehicles, machines, marine vessels etc)
Multiple user logins for one account
User/s can be logged in on multiple devices
Customisable user access levels
View trip history on the map
History stored 1 year 6 months
Run, export and email unlimited user friendly reports on trip history
Run, export and email unlimited user friendly reports on all events (alerts)
Vehicle maintenance reminders for servicing, registration, WOF, basic RUC
Set up Points of Interest for Time on Site reporting
Car alarm activation alert
See if the alarm is armed via the interface
Geofence entry and/or exit alert
Set up your own geofences
Overspeed alert
Tracker tamper/loss of power alert
Vehicle low battery alert
Low tracker battery alert
Tracker offline alerts
Vehicle tracker has optional speed controlled fuel kill output

Features are subject to change without notice and are based on a comparison for vehicle tracking. Features may not be available on all vehicles and some vehicles may need additional parts or installation.