The AVS tracker is a versatile and reliable GPS tracking device suitable for a wide variety of applications.


  • 9v – 36v compatible
  • Real time tracking via the AVS Tracking website
  • Standby mode to reduce battery and data usage – via an internal motion sensor
  • Back-up battery in case of power failure – around 43 hours on standby or 10 hours in tracking mode
  • Internal memory for low GSM signal areas – the device will log position updates and upload them to AVS GPS Tracking once the signal is strong again
  • Anti-theft features including flexible and temporary perimeter fencing, alarm activation notification and engine immobilisation
  • Alerts can be sent to any number and combination of text, email or admin receivers for individual or multiple assets
  • Up to four inputs which can be used to monitor a range of situations such as ignition on monitoring or monitor with alerts such as sending an alert text if a car alarm is activated or a door opened
  • 1x output which can be can be configured to control a range of functions such as turning on a light or engine immobilisation on a vehicle via text
  • GPS accuracy of between 10 and 5-metres or better with clear skies
  • IP65 water and dust proof housing
  • Optional IP68 waterproof application for tough environments

For further advice please talk to a local company from the AVS installer network or discuss your GPS tracking requirements directly with us by calling 0800 438 862 or sending us an email. Installation is available nationwide. If you’d like to sign up with AVS Tracking click here.