AVS GPS Tracking can be accessed through any web enabled computer or portable device and is ideal for full real time tracking for your personal assets – the every day use car, the family car, classic or performance vehicle, jet ski, boat, or other machine. Plus there are options suitable for keeping your loved ones safe as well.

There is no software to install, simply log in to to view your tracker – live tracking, replaying history or downloading reports are all managed from the main screen. The system is designed to be easy to use and functional. If viewed from a portable mobile device (like an iphone or tablet) the system automatically adapts.

Regular system updates and upgrades are handled remotely and free of charge. This means you will always have the latest GPS solution without the need to do anything.

What’s included

  • Real time tracking – AVS Tracking updates frequently with distance, time or turn, giving highly accurate journey information. You can easily follow the path of your asset on the map – no big jumps or gaps.
  • Live view – at a glance see the location of the tracker on a map in real time and view progress on the map. AVS GPS Tracking uses Google maps which ensures up to date mapping plus the benefits of street view and Google search. And if you have more than one tracker view them all on one map.
  • Replay history – replay trip history on the map including stop points and time spent at each stop. Simply select the date and time range of the journey to view the exact trip you wish to see. This is a quick and easy way to monitor vehicle use such as with the family car or to review a fishing trip or car rally.
  • Reporting – download easy to use, straight forward reports directly from AVS GPS Tracking. This includes trip information and event reporting (great for monitoring how often the family car was over 100km/hr on Saturday evening).
  • Alerts – real time alerts can be sent to your screen, phone or email for such things as alarm trigger, geo-fence, and over speed alert.
  • Geo-fences – easily set up a geo-fence and be alerted if the tracker moves outside the set boundary.
  • Integration – your AVS GPS tracker can work independently or be integrated with an AVS car alarm (or most other brands of alarm) for maximum security.

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