For marine craft

If you have a jet ski, boat or another type of marine craft AVS GPS Tracking offers an excellent addition to your asset.

The trackers are 12 – 36 volt with the option of an additional robust, waterproof enclosure with IP68 rating, making them suitable for almost any marine application.


Many people choose to use AVS GPS Tracking for monitoring purposes, particularly in marine vessels where it can not only provide great feedback on successful trips but also provide peace of mind to loved ones.

Monitoring benefits include:

  • View the live location of the vessel on the map plus request exact GPS co-ordinates via text
  • Replay trip history including stop points and time spent at each stop. Simply select the date and time range of the journey to view the exact trip you wish to see. This is a great way to review a long journey or remember where the best fishing spots are!
  • Receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the vessel goes over speed (plus print out an easy to read report of all over speeds during a date range)
  • Set up a geo-fence and be alerted if the vessel moves in or out of that area (great for keeping an eye on rental vessels or for security)
  • Monitor any number of inputs including ignition on and over speed
  • Even if the vessel moves out of GSM coverage it will store the GPS journey history which will then download when it is next in adequate coverage. This means you don’t lose any data.


Improved security is another benefit of fitting an AVS GPS tracker to your marine craft.

Security benefits:

  • Know the real time location and status of the vessel 24/7
  • If the vessel is moving see what direction it is heading in and how fast
  • In most instance if you have an alarm on the vessel it can be integrated with the AVS GPS tracker so you will receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the alarm is triggered
  • Set up a geo-fence and receive an alert if the vessel moves outside the boundary

Installation is available nationwide. Contact us for a quote for today by calling 0800 438 862 or email us. AVS GPS Tracking is also available from your local AVS reseller.


Jetski tracking history with AVS GPS TrackingReplay history is a great way to follow a vessel’s journey history within a date range. This is an example from Jetski Fishing (pictured in our main image above) who takes clients on fantastic fishing expeditions and uses an AVS GPS tracker to illustrate each adventure. And to remember all the good fishing spots!

Monitor your boats whereabouts with GPSgeo-fence is a geographic boundary that defines an area on the map. With AVS GPS Tracking you can click and draw shapes on the live map to create a geo-fence and the system will then monitor exit, entry and time spent inside this virtual boundary. Here we have set up a geo-fence around a boat that is stored on land at a house. If the boat moves outside the geo-fence (for example a person attempting to steal it) we’ll get an alert to mobile phone, email or on the live screen.

boat alarm text alert with gps

Get real time alerts for a whole range of events sent directly to your phone, email or on the live screen. There are a large range of events that can trigger an alert but the most popular ones are alarm trigger and geo-fence. Here we can see this person has an AVS GPS tracker in their boat and the alarm has been triggered so he has received an alarm trigger text alert. He can now check the boat is still safely parked where it should be by checking the address supplied on the text, or by clicking the link which will give him a Google map view.