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AVS is a specialist in vehicle security (in fact we first started out doing alarms in the 1990’s). So we know cars. And over the years as the technology in our cars and after market alarms has advanced so have the methods thieves employ to get a vehicle they want.

And that’s we decided to include AVS GPS Tracking in our security range. The biggest single security benefit is that if you have an alarm you’ll get an alert notification as soon as the alarm is triggered. Then you simply log on and see where your vehicle is plus you will be able to track its journey if it is moving.

AVS GPS Tracking offers an affordable, effective and easy to use GPS Tracking solution that is ideal for protecting personal use vehicles of all kinds.


Maintaining the security of your vehicle is so important. With thieves becoming ever more confident and advanced in their methods, GPS tracking can play a vital role in helping to keep your car safe. Many insurance companies are now asking for GPS tracking as part of the requirements for insurance on high risk vehicles.

Choosing an AVS GPS tracker gives you all the advantages of a our GPS system combined with the AVS experience in vehicle security and vehicle operating systems. That means our security and GPS systems work together to help secure your car 24 hours a day.

Security benefits:

  • Know the real time location and status of your vehicle 24/7
  • View from any internet connected device including smart phone, tablet and computer
  • If the vehicle is moving see what direction it is heading in and how fast plus be able to view recorded journey history
  • Frequent GPS logs for accurate tracking – you can watch your vehicle as it moves along the roads on the maps without big gaps or jumps
  • Integrate with your AVS car alarm (or most other alarm brands) and receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the alarm is triggered
  • Set up a geo-fence and receive an alert if the vehicle moves outside the boundary (perfect for cars or bikes that are not driven every day)
  • Optional engine immobilisation via text allows you to safely immobilise the vehicle once it reaches a very low speed.


Many people also choose to use AVS GPS Tracking for monitoring purposes. This can be anything from keeping an eye on your son who has borrowed the family car through to using the tracker on a performance car or classic car that is used on the race track or at rallys.

Monitoring benefits include:

  • See the live location of the vehicle in either map or satellite view plus use Google street view for more information
  • Replay trip history on the map including stop points and time spent at each stop – this is a quick and easy way to monitor vehicle use with the family car or to review performance on the track or a rally journey.
  • Receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the vehicle goes over speed (plus print out an easy to read report of all over speeds during a date range)
  • Easily set up a geo-fence and be alerted if the vehicle moves in or out of that area
  • Monitor any number of inputs including crash warning, ignition on and over speed.

Installation is available nationwide. Contact us for a quote for today by calling 0800 438 862 or email us. AVS GPS Tracking is also available from your local AVS reseller.

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And if you’re looking for the best security for your new car check out the exclusive NAC Insurance car security deals from AVS. These two amazing offers are available wherever you are in New Zealand and combine the very best GPS tracking and car alarm technology.


Get alerts from your GPS tracker to your phone

Get real time alerts for a whole range of events sent directly to your phone, email or on the live screen. There are a large range of events that can trigger an alert but the most popular ones are alarm trigger, geo-fence, and over speed alert. Here we can see this person has an AVS GPS tracker in his Toyota Celica and the alarm has been triggered so he has received an alarm trigger text alert. He can now check on the vehicle’s current location by clicking on the map link. This is such a good combination for a total security package for your car.

view gps journey on the mapIt is easy to replay history for single or multiple journeys with a date range right on the map with a couple of clicks. Here we are viewing a short single trip with a stop at each end. If we were looking at multiple trips each trip would have a different coloured track line.

Google search with AVS GPS trackingGoogle search allows you to find anything Google knows about close to your tracker. Here we have searched for petrol stations close to our vehicle tracker. Very handy!

Activity report downloaded from AVS GPS TrackingYou can also download easy to understand reports directly from the web interface including journey history and event history for a date range. Here we have set this vehicle tracker up to report an event each time the vehicle goes over speed (set at 100km/hr for this example). Such a great way of keeping an eye on what is happening if you are not driving the car all the time.

AVS GPS Tracking geofence for personal vehiclesA geo-fence is a geographic boundary that defines an area on the map. With AVS GPS Tracking you can click and draw shapes on the live map to create a geo-fence and the system will then monitor exit, entry and time spent inside this virtual boundary. Here we have set up a geo-fence around a truck that does not get driven every day and has no alarm on it. If the truck moves outside the geo-fence we’ll get an alert to mobile phone, email or on the live screen.