NEW! Premium OEM replacement mirror monitor with built-in HD dash cam

The popularity of front facing safety cameras, or dash cams, are increasing. No longer just for the race track they’ve become a must have piece of equipment for anyone driving daily on NZ roads.

The new AVS RM43B-DVR is a premium replacement mirror monitor with built-in high definition front facing dash camera and DVR recorder. It also includes built-in Bluetooth Handsfree connectivity. 

The on-board DVR and forward facing camera records up to 1080P quality video constantly when the vehicle is running and will continue to record for a programmable amount of time after ACC is turned off. A 16GB SD card is supplied (which can be upgraded to 32GB). The supplied 16GB SD card will record for around 170 minutes at maximum resolution before overwriting the oldest files.

The premium 4.3″ LCD screen replaces the car’s factory mirror. With an in-built ambient light sensor and high reflectivity the LCD monitor will show a clear and bright image whether it is a sunny day or dark night. At 1500cd/m2 it is one of the brightest available on the market today.

The monitor also allows for an optional reversing camera if required. The screen displays the front camera on start up then automatically turns off. It will automatically switch to display the rear view camera (if used) when the vehicle is in reverse.

The AVS RM43B-DVR also has dual video inputs so the monitor can be connected to a second camera or other video source (such as an in-car DVD player).

This product is compatible with most makes and models of vehicles. Your installer will choose a bracket combination that matches the factory fit. The wiring duct ensures a tidy, factory look finish to your installation. Available from AVS resellers nationwide.

Learn more about the AVS RM43B-DVR here