Commercial cameras

The rear blindspot can be a huge problem on commercial vehicles of all types and sizes, particularly when maneuvering around loading bays, driveways and delivery areas. Visibility to the back, side and front of the vehicle can be improved using commercial safety range products.

It is important to use robust, commercial grade equipment, particularly on larger vehicles. Cameras designed for personal use cars will only have a very short lifespan if used on commercial vehicles as well as giving less than optimum performance. AVS commercial cameras can be used on any type of vehicle between 12 and 24 volts (when used in conjunction with a 24 volt capable monitor like the AVS commercial monitor range) allowing them to be installed across your fleet.

All AVS commercial cameras are IP67 waterproof rated and most offer the flexibility of being able to be used reverse or forward facing. CCTV quality lenses, strong 4-pin connections are included with all models. They can be used with any of our commercial LCD monitors.

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