A camera and monitor (or screen) is the most effective way of improving safety around your vehicle. The colour LCD monitor is where you view the image from the camera/s.

Cameras are most commonly used to cover the blindspot directly behind the vehicle and when used in this way the monitor will automatically switch on when the car put in reverse gear. Cameras can also be used at the front of the vehicle or wherever visibility is impaired.

The first thing to decide when choosing a monitor is choosing what type of screen you would prefer. The most popular option is our premium range of replacement rear view mirror monitor screens with mounting options to suit most vehicles. They provide true OEM quality and finish.

Other models include models that clip over the existing rear vision mirror (if you would prefer to retain the factory mirror) or a pedestal mounted model (some can also be flush mounted into a vehicle panel).

Your AVS installer can recommend which sized monitor will best suit your vehicle and recommend what model of cameras are the most suitable.

AVS LCD screens can be fitted after market to most vehicle make and models. They are compatible with all AVS Safety Range cameras.

If you'd like more info please call us on 0800 438 862 or send us an email, we're here to help.

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