AVS 3010 range

The AVS 3010 range offers the reliability and functionality of an AVS system at great prices. They are ideal if you want an easy to use system plus they come with the outstanding AVS waterproof remotes.

Choose from the feature packed AVS 3010+ alarm to the keyless entry system only if you want just remote locking.

A word of advice if you are shopping for a basic car alarm - we recommend choosing an alarm from a reputable, known brand (like AVS). If you buy a cheapie alarm online and get your mate to install it what will happen when you are at the opposite end of the country and the car won't start? All of the big brand names in NZ offer good, affordable alarm models that are supported by a nationwide installer network and warranty process.

If you already have an alarm from the AVS 3010 range click to download either the Quick Start Guide or full Owner's Manual.

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