4m trailer connection set for three cameras


Price does not include install and is a guide only

A metal trailer connection set with 4 metre flexi-joiner and robust connectors for three cameras.

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Adding cameras to assist with visibility on vehicles with trailers can make the job of parking and manoeuvring much safe and easier. This trailer connection set is ideal for use when installing three cameras onto any type of vehicle with a separate trailer – whether that be a tractor-trailer, a semi truck, a horse trailer, or something else.

A flexi-joiner is installed which runs between the trailer and main vehicle. With robust connectors it allows the trailer to be easily and safely disconnected from the vehicle. The trailer plug end runs to the cameras while the vehicle plug end runs to the LCD monitor in the cab where the cameras are viewed.

The RAT4P3 trailer connection set features:

  • Trailer connection set for three cameras with a flexi-joiner
  • 4 metre flexi-joiner
  • Trailer plug with 3x 4-pin male connector
  • Tractor plug with 3x 4-pin female connector
  • One year product warranty when professionally installed

Note: normal driving precautions should always be used even with a camera fitted.

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