AVS Can-Bus translator


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Allows AVS certified alarms and other devices to be installed in modern CAN-Bus vehicles.

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Can-Bus operating systems are becoming commonplace in new vehicles with many models from the mid 2000’s onwards having at least some Can-Bus control. Most of the major car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Nissan, Honda and Toyota now use CAN-Bus. One of the advantages of CAN-Bus system is it allows the many electrical components in the car to efficiently share data. However it does make installation of after market alarms and other devices difficult and time consuming.

The AVS Can-Bus translator is a separate module that acts as a bridge between the CAN-Bus system and after market devices. This means the certified car alarm models, as well as other after market devices, can be safely and easily installed into Can-Bus equipped vehicles.

Compatible with

  • AVS certified car alarms – choose from the AVS S-Series or AVS A-Series ranges which will give you advanced alarm features with the advantage of arm/disarm from your factory remote
  • Full real time GPS tracking – with the AVS GPS tracker plus alarm trigger alert text (with AVS car alarms)
  • Text GPS location – with the AVS GPS locator plus alarm trigger alert text (with AVS car alarms)

More information

What is CAN-Bus? Learn more from our Understanding CAN-Bus page.

Alternatively AVS also has a range of digital CAN-Bus car alarms.


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