PIR sensor


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Recommended to protect the rear of vans and trucks as it detects body heat and movement.

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A PIR sensor uses infrared to detect body heat and movement which makes it the best sensor for protecting the rear of trucks or vans. In comparison a standard alarm sensor (such as a shock) is not able to adequately cover large vehicles, especially in the rear cargo areas.

AVS PIR sensors have a unique four element design which makes them stable in the variable heat conditions inside a vehicle. A standard home PIR sensor fitted into a vehicle can be prone to false triggers.

It can be added as an optional upgrade to any 12 volt AVS car alarm.

It is also available in a 24-volt version for use with the AVS 24 volt S-Series alarm range.

Also see the 360 degree PIR sensor that is especially designed for tall trucks and vans that regularly carry full loads or the AVS OEM PIR sensor which allows motion detection to be added to Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux’s factory alarm systems.

Note: because of how the PIR sensor works do not leave animals or children inside the vehicle with the car alarm armed.

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