The super wide angle reversing camera from AVS just got even better

Although only released late last year the AVS RC180 reversing camera has already had an update with even more features packed into this technologically advanced camera.

It already offers an amazing super wide angle viewing angle so you can see much more to each side of the vehicle for greater safety when manoeuvring. And now a single camera can offer multiple views. This means you may want to see the corners and the top or perhaps the top (for viewing a towbar) plus the regular reversing view. Plus with 6 different display modes you can set your favourite views for ease of use.

Examples of the 6 different display modes on the AVS RC180 reversing camera
Examples of the 6 different display modes on the AVS RC180

The attractive square design with matte finish looks good on any vehicle. It includes a bracket mount with adjustable mounting height and lens angle to ensure the perfect fit. Plus it can be used on the front or rear of the vehicle making it one of the most versatile and functional cameras available today.

The bracket mount and lens angle adjustment on the AVS RC180 camera

Learn more about the AVS RC180 camera here or get a quote from an AVS reseller for your vehicle.