Two new cameras join the range including a dual camera

Two new cameras join the AVS Camera Safety Range this month. Both are heavy duty with RCA connectors so can be connected to any AVS RCA LCD colour monitor or by adding an adaptor can be used with any AVS heavy duty LCD monitor.

The new AVS RC11 PAL Dual IR RCA Camera

The AVSRC11 PAL camera has a heavy duty aluminium shell which houses two colour cameras with infrared night view. Each camera has a different viewing angle and can be independently tilted allowing great reversing functionality.

This model is ideal for motorhomes, caravans, fleet vehicles and more. One camera has a 120˚ viewing angle and is usually positioned to assist when reversing the vehicle. The second camera has a 45˚ viewing angleand is usually positioned looking down to the bumper.

The new AVS RC12 heavy duty mini RCA IR camera

The second camera is an RCA version of one of our popular heavy duty bracket cameras. At only 65mm wide it can be used for many applications. The AVS RC12 PAL camera has infrared night view so does not need to be mounted near the reversing lights of the vehicle in order to give a picture in darkness. It can also be used on the front or rear of the vehicle.