AVS C-Series

Trouble shooting for common questions about AVS C5, C4 and C3 car alarms. If you can’t find the answer here please contact us by email or call 0800 438 862 during business hours.

I have lost or damaged my car’s factory remote. How do I start the car?

Step 1 – getting the car started

Use emergency disarm following the instructions on your PIN code card.

Emergency disarm is done using the override button and your alarm’s unique PIN code. If you have lost your PIN code please contact your AVS installer as you will need a technician. Please note that if your car has a factory immobiliser the car may still not start. In this instance contact a locksmith.

For more information on emergency disarm click here.

Step 2 – purchasing new remotes

Please contact a locksmith, your car yard or service centre to arrange the purchase of new factory remotes.

My car alarm chirps three times when I arm it instead of the usual one chirp?

A door, bonnet or boot is open. Disarm your alarm, correct the problem and start again.

If the problem persists it may mean the bonnet PIN switch (or a door switch or boot switch in the vehicle) is faulty or has come out of alignment. Contact your AVS installer for a service check.

I get three chirps when I disarm the car alarm instead of the usual two chirps?

Your alarm has been triggered while you were away from the vehicle. See your AVS installer if you would like a diagnosis of what as triggered the alarm as this can be retrieved from the system’s memory.

I disarmed my car alarm a few minutes ago but now it is armed again?

The system will automatically rearm if you disarm the alarm but do not open a door or boot within 30 seconds. This can be programmed off by your AVS installer.

Can I use an AVS remote to operate the alarm?

Yes, in most cases your vehicle will be compatible with the AVS CAN remote. Talk to your AVS installer.