AVS 3010 range

AVS car alarms have an emergency disarm feature so the alarm can be disarmed for if the remote controls have been lost or damaged. This is the procedure for AVS 3010+ and 3010 car alarms.

Emergency disarm is done using the ignition key and a PIN code so you will need both of these. The 2-digit code can be found in the owner’s manual supplied with your car alarm.

If you have lost your PIN code please contact your AVS installer as you will need a technician.

PIN code disarm

  1. Unlock the car door with the key and open the door. The alarm will sound at this point.
  2. Get into the car and close the door – take note whether or not the car’s interior light has gone out when you close the door.*
  3. Within 10-seconds of closing the door put the key in the ignition and turn the key from the OFF position to the ACC position and back off again the same number of times as your PIN code. For example, if you PIN code is 3 turn the key from OFF to ACC and back to OFF 3 times leaving it in the OFF position.
  4. Wait 15-seconds. If the code was entered correctly the alarm will now beep 3 times and disarm and you should now be able to start the engine. If the alarm does not disarm check the PIN code tips and tricks below.

Tips and tricks

  • Did the car’s interior light turn off when the door was closed? The alarm must see the door open and close before you start entering the PIN code with the ignition key. If you car has interior light delay the alarm will think the door is open if the light is on so you should wait until the light fades out before turning the ignition key.
  • Try turning the ignition key from OFF to IGN (ignition on) position rather than to ACC. In some vehicles the installer connects the ACC sense wire on the alarm to the ignition on wire instead of ACC.  So you have to turn the key all the way on (one click before the engine turns over) for the alarm to read the key being on.
  • Did you complete the PIN code sequence within 10 seconds? The alarm only allows 10 seconds to complete the PIN code override sequence.
  • Is the PIN code you are using correct? If you are not sure check with your installer.
  • How old is your alarm? While this process should work for your AVS 3010 range alarm, however old it is, if you’re not sure check with your installer or contact AVS.

Purchasing new remotes

You can purchase new remotes from us online or from your AVS installer. We recommend always having at least two remotes for your AVS car alarm.