AVS S-Series and A-Series

AVS car alarms have an emergency disarm feature so the alarm can be disarmed for if the remote controls have been lost or damaged. This is the procedure for AVS S-Series (S5, S4, S3) and AVS A-Series (A5, A4) car alarms.

Emergency disarm is done using the ignition key and a PIN code so you will need both of these.

To help keep the system as secure as possible this override PIN code will be between 2 and 5-digits long and will be unique to your alarm. It can be found on the PIN card supplied with the alarm.

If you have lost your PIN code please contact your AVS installer as you will need a technician.

PIN code disarm

  1. Unlock the car door with the key open the door. If the car alarm is armed the siren will now sound.
  2. Put the key in the ignition.
  3. Turn the ignition to the ON position and back to OFF the number of times of the first digit in your PIN code. eg if you PIN code is 54321 turn the key to ON then back to OFF 5 times. The key should be turned ON/OFF smoothly and take approximately 1 second per ON/OFF cycle.
  4. Watch the blue alarm LED, after a couple of seconds it will flash once to tell you it has read the code.
  5. Now repeat for the 2nd digit of the PIN code eg ignition ON then back to OFF 4 times.
  6. Watch the LED and wait for the flash before repeating for the 3rd, 4th and 5th digits.
  7. After the last digit has been entered the alarm will chirp twice and disarm. You now have 38 seconds to start the car before the car alarm will automatically immobilise the engine. You will need to repeat the above steps each time you want to start the car until a replacement remote is coded to the alarm.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try turning the key from OFF to ACC instead of all the way to ON. In some vehicles the installer has to connect the ignition sense wire to ACC rather than ignition on.
  • Are you getting a blue flash after each digit? The blue alarm LED on the dash will flash once after each digit is entered to indicate it has read the code.
  • Are you entering the code correctly? It will flash whether or not the code is correct – all the flash is doing is indicating is that a code has been read. If you are getting the flash but the alarm does not disarm then either the code is incorrect or it is not being read properly. Try starting again but turn the key on and off either faster or slower. Ideally it should take about 1 second for each ON/OFF cycle of the key.
  • Do you need to enter the code at a different speed? Try starting again but turn the key on and off either faster or slower. Ideally it should take about 1 second for each ON/OFF cycle of the key. It is also important that you enter the code with an even on and off rhythm.
  • Try leaving the driver’s door open while you to the procedure. Recent versions of the alarms will recognise the disarm procedure whether the driver’s door is open or shut but older models needed to have the door open.
  • The alarm is looking for the digits to be entered in the correct order (e.g 34567) so if you mess up after the second digit you can start again from the first digit (3).

Purchasing new remotes

You can purchase new remotes from us online or from your AVS installer. We recommend always having at least two remotes for your AVS car alarm.