AVS C-Series

AVS car alarms have an emergency disarm feature so the alarm can be disarmed for if the remote controls have been lost or damaged. This is the procedure for AVS C-Series (C5, C4, C3) car alarms.

Emergency disarm is done using the override button and a PIN code.

To help keep the system as secure as possible this override PIN code will be 4-digits long and will be unique to your alarm. It can be found on the PIN card supplied with the alarm.

If you have lost your PIN code please contact your AVS installer as you will need a technician.

PIN code disarm

  1. Enter the vehicle leaving the door open. If the alarm is armed the siren will sound.
  2. Turn the ignition ON.
  3. Press the override button an equal number of times to the first digit of the PIN code leaving intervals of less than 1 second between presses.
  4. Wait 2 seconds, the LED in the dash will flash for 1 second.
  5. Repeat until all four digits are entered.
  6. If the code is correct the alarm will disarm.

NOTE: This emergency disarm procedure only disarms the AVS alarm. If your car has a factory immobiliser it may still prevent the car from being started. In this instance you will need to contact a locksmith.